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Office floor mopping

Office Clean

Safe Working Environment

Perfect Match maids takes pride in providing a clean and safe working environment for you, your team, and customers. The following are the services we offer in our Commercial Cleaning: Dental offices, Medical offices, Small offices, Daycare, Place of Worship Cleaning and Many More.

All Office Areas

  • Clean glass surfaces and mirrors

  • Remove cobwebs and dust from corners

  • Dust all furniture

  • Wipe surfaces

  • Clean desks and tables

  • Wipe door knobs

  • Wipe baseboards and switchboards

  • Office Kitchen

  • Wipe counters

  • Clean sink + faucet

  • Wipe cabinets

  • Wipe appliances

  • Clean refrigerator (interior and exterior)

  • Wipe drawer fronts

  • Clean table(s) and shelves

  • Clean light fixtures

  • Wipe frames and wall décor

  • Remove and replace trash/garbage bags

  • Sweep and mop floor or vacuum carpeting

Office Bathroom

  • Clean counters

  • Clean toilet

  • Wipe fittings and fixtures

  • Clean sink + surrounding areas

  • Wash floor


*We do customize!​

*If you have a request for a service you don't see please let us know*

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