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The Perfect Match Maid Process

Reliable & Honest

 Request A Quote (Commercial)


You can easily request a quote and book a walk through by heading over to our request  form. You’ll be able to input your facility needs and instantly book a walk through.

Our request form will give you an appointment without ever having to talk with anyone.

If you don’t see the service you want on our request form or have other questions you can contact us via phone or email, and get all your questions answered.

Confirmation Emails & Reminders

Once you have booked your walk through,  you will receive a “Booking confirmation” email letting you know your booking has been confirmed.

As you await the day of your walk through you will get several reminders via  automated emails  reminding you that your walk through is coming up so you don’t forget.

On The Day Of Your Walk Through

A member of the Perfect Match Maids team will arrive at the appointed time.  Upon arrival they'll walk through with you to make sure they know exactly what your needs are and what needs to be focused on. 

At the end of the walk through, they’ll make sure you’re all of your request have been noted.

After Your Walk Through

After your walk through, you will receive a proposal with pricing for the facility.

The proposal will include all details and terms(Eg. frequency, scope of work, etc.)

*Don't forget we are budget friendly and if the quote does not meet your desired budget please feel free to reach out via phone or email*

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